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Kyrotech, Inc

The Kyrotech AutoCoach is a portable, programmable pace clock specifically designed to enhance the effectiveness of both circuit training and interval training.

For many years the AutoCoach electronic timer has proven especially effective with competitive swimming workouts, yet has been adaptable to a variety of sports and athletic activities. It has spent time with track, wrestling, weightlifting, and triathalon training; assisted during physical therapy sessions; and found work at medical rehabilitation clinics.

AutoCoach has earned its reputation as a Most Valuable Assistant Coach.

We welcome input from coaches who use the AutoCoach. We recognize that in todayís world a flexible product design is needed to keep pace with sophisticated training techniques.

Take a look. We believe AutoCoach is the standard by which portable, programmable pace-training clocks are measured. It is simple, versatile, and durable.

Let us know when we should assign an AutoCoach to help improve your teamís performance without busting the budget. Thank you.

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